PWE Application Form Template

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PWE Application Form Template

Post by Rob Daniels on Sat Aug 01, 2015 5:43 am

***NOTE: Copy and paste this to a new post in this forum and fill it out, putting your wrestler's name as the Subject. You can add some stuff, if necessary, but please try to stick to this basic format.***

Your Name:

Wrestler's name:




Alignment (Face/heel/neutral):


Entrance and music: (NOTE ON ENTRANCES: Try to keep your entrance itself to a few paragraphs or so at most. Be detailed, but sometimes less is more!)

Style (Technical, hardcore, brawler, powerhouse, high flying, etc.):

Favorite Moves (At least 5):

Trademark move and description:

Finisher and description:

Manager? If so, name and description:

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