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How to Play / Rules

Post by Rob Daniels on Sat Aug 01, 2015 5:35 am

First off, about PWE
* I'm doing this for fun. I'm not about fancy websites or high tech stuff, just a "back to the basics" fed, really.

* Results will be written by me. I will do my best to judge fairly and help make this a fun place to be.

* We will have one main show a week, Breakout!, which is on Sunday.

* Pay Per Views will be held monthly. They are the last Sunday of every month.

* Fake wrestlers only! I will make the final decision on originality.

* 1 Character per person please!

* If you get fired for any wrongdoing of your own, your characters will be taken out in a way that makes sense for storylines. This means losing titles, putting someone else over, getting injured, etc.

How to Play!

Very simple really.

* First register your character by posting a thread in the applications area and use the template provided.

* Once we have enough players you will be assigned a match/storyline for the coming week.

* You write up to a maximum of 3 promo's / role plays, in character, to hype the upcoming match.

* The better your efforts, the better your character will fare and therefore he will do better as they progress in PWE.

* That's about it really! Make the characters interesting and have some fun!

Promo Rules

* For regular matches, there is a 3 Promo limit for Breakout!, and 4 Promo limit for PPVs. If you do more than the limits, I will judge based on the best of your RPs you posted.

* For team matches, the RP limit is 2 for each character involved (3 if it is a PPV).

* You must roleplay at least once for every match you're given, per character.

* If you don't roleplay for your debut match, you're going to be removed from the roster. I'll let you rejoin once after that, but if you fail to roleplay again, then you're out for good. For existing members, you can miss 2 matches without giving me an excuse before you're fired. All of these kinds of things are my final judgement.

* Roleplays will be judged on match relevance, content, writing style, innovation.. to put it plainly, "entertainment value." A super long RP won't win you a match here unless the length is necessary, I'll basically judge on what was most enjoyable to read and relevant to your opponent/match.PM me for questions.

* Remember! Good and bad roleplays are subjective. Strive to please yourself in your writing and have fun. Don't be insulted if you don't win.

* Deadline is 12PM GMT on the day of the show, unless otherwise noted.

Storyline Details

* If you have a storyline you'd like to do, contact me and the person(s) you'd like to do it with. If I, and the other people involved, agree to it, we can plan it out more. Interferences, promos in the results, etc.

* If you want to do a segment to be included on the show, PM me by the RPing deadline and it should be included.

* For the most part, wins will not be decided by storyline, although it may happen occasionally. You'll be contacted about it and we'll reach an agreement for everyone involved beforehand.

Title Details

* The World Title is, of course, the highest Title in PWE. World title holder will be chosen at my discretion based on performance

* There are three secondary titles in PWE. The International Title, the Hardcore Title, and the Womens Title (if we get enough females signed up). We also have, of course, Tag Team Titles.

* The United States Title is contested under normal roleplaying rules.

* The Hardcore Title is a Title for people who don't want to be bound by the RP limits; Hardcore Title matches will have NO RP limit. The three hour rule does apply, however.

* The Tag Titles are, of course, for teams of two. They're contested under normal roleplaying rules.




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